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Most companies don’t need large data teams or to wait quarters to get their questions answered. We help get clients to self-serve analytics in as little as one month.

Trusted by companies that know data:

Quick-start data modernization

Whether you're starting from scratch or dealing with legacy systems, we build you a modern, scalable, cloud-based data stack that serves as the foundation for your current and future analytics needs.

This includes:

Building your data warehouse

Connecting your data through pre-built connectors

Leveraging dbt to manage data transformation and dependencies

Implementing or architecting BI for self-serve

Metrics and reporting

We specialize in building standard and customized metrics and reporting for operator teams. Leveraging expertise in marketing, sales, finance, and customer analytics, we assess your business model and begin producing relevant metrics within days. Within weeks, we launch core data models. In just a month, your teams will start consuming new reporting and discover which levers to pull to drive business goals.


Dashboards aren’t enough. Data-driven businesses use data to drive everything about how they plan, prioritize, execute, and evaluate. We help companies land these motions, by setting up effective business reviews, planning cycles, and operational forecasting. We help leaders ask: “what happened, why did it happen, what’s going to happen, and what can we do about it?” and organize around the results.

Strategic, advisory, and leadership

We’ve helped build some of the most impactful data organizations in the world. Now, we share what we’ve learned through fractional data leadership and advising. Focus areas include: hiring and building teams, designing and prioritizing analytics roadmaps, and building executive alignment.

We know what great looks like.

We’ve distilled the best practices from 100+ clients over the past decade into playbooks any company can adopt.

Standard Metrics

We are the primary maintainers of the open-source SOMA standard -- a standards framework for defining and implementing the metrics that matter across industries and business models.


It takes more than dashboards, tooling, and technology to be data-driven. Getting data right means investing in the processes that ensure that data is reliable and that analytics drives action. Our job doesn't end with producing reporting -- it ends when we've helped you transform your organizational culture.