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B2B SaaS Growth Accounting Tree

B2B SaaS Growth Accounting Tree

The Growth Accounting Metric Tree documents 110+ common B2B SaaS metrics that roll up into MRR and ARR. Feel free to browse and copy the Miro template.

Metric Tree Template

The metric tree is composed of five major branches:

New MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue):This refers to the monthly revenue generated from newly acquired customers within a specific time period. It is a key indicator of growth and the ability to attract new business.

Expansion MRR:This is the additional recurring revenue gained from existing customers, typically through upsells, cross-sells, or service upgrades. Expansion MRR highlights the company's success in increasing the value of its current customer base.

Retained MRR:This metric represents the recurring revenue retained from existing customers over a certain period, excluding any upsells or expansions. It reflects the ability to maintain consistent revenue from the customer base and is crucial for understanding customer loyalty and product/service satisfaction.

Contraction MRR:Contraction MRR is the decrease in monthly recurring revenue resulting from downgrades or reductions in services by existing customers. It can provide insights into customer satisfaction and potential areas for product or service improvement.

Churn MRR:Churn MRR quantifies the recurring revenue lost due to customers canceling or not renewing their subscriptions. It is an essential metric for assessing customer turnover and the overall health of the business's revenue streams.

Resurrection MRR:This represents the recurring revenue regained from previously churned customers who have reactivated their subscriptions or services. It's an indicator of a company's ability to re-engage and win back former customers.